Swargo is a hive of talent.  We are a conglomerate of the strongest Destination Management & Event people in the industry. Together we  comprise licensed guides, trip directors, transportation specialists, event designers, onsite events staff, and a core of seasoned event planners.

Swargo is diversity that breeds strength.  Bound together by decades of experience, we have over 100 event professionals in our roster. Members of the team bring their own unique talent and personality to the table.  From the most logistical and straightforward programs to the most creative, The Swargo Team finds the art and fun in every program.

Swargo is leadership that promotes unity:  Members of the team are handpicked and led by our founder Steven Wargo. He instils in each team member a leadership style that reflects a quiet confidence. During a program, it's our team's job to work out unobtrusivey any problems that arise by anticipation and course correction. Of first importance is to ensure that the smooth side of every event is always guest-facing.

Starting in New York City and then nationwide, Steven has been engaged in the Event Planning & Destination Management Industry for over 20 years. Meanwhile, he continues surfing, skiing, shooting photographs, eating out, thinking about events, and imagining new ways to combine them all.

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