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Event & Destination Management

In a post Covid world it is our job to find the creative ways to connect your people. We are currently producing online, hybrid and in person programs tailored to your needs. Contact us day or night to talk about your future plans and lets get creative.


The world that we build belongs to us when we gather: so lets make it a memorable one.


Swargo Events is a full service, Event Planning and Destination Management Company based in New York City where it provides seamless, tailored experiences around the world.

Full Service Event Producer

Creativity means collaboration. Whether you’re a company, a small business, or an individual, Swargo joins hands with you to move your event from a simple idea to a complex finish. 

An event is an experience engaging the five senses.  Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch together create a stellar moment.  Our Swargo team operates with tools that focus the senses into an imaginative experience. 

Successful people are magnets attracting successful people.  Swargo is a treasure house of outstanding vendors, each one a specialist in an art form uniquely crafted to a particuler need. 

Swargo harmonizes all the elements so you’re free to enjoy the event. It’s an integrative process of Idea Creation, Budget Implementation, Vendor & Venue Selection, and Onsite Management.

Swargo does Corporate and Social Events including:

  • Galas                                    
  • Holiday Functions
  • Meeting Planning
  • Product Launches
  • Private Functions
  • Conference Services
  • Charitable Events
  • Special Occasions

Swargo is master of the Big & Small.

Destination Management

What is Destination Management?

It’s more than logistics. It’s insider information leading to a string of riveting experiences centered on a locale.  Swargo has local resources geared to implementing activities, tours, transportation and events.

Swargo is your concierge. 

New York overwhelms by its choices.  Imagine a concierge to help you select amid the city’s riches. 

How does Swargo do that?

  • It negotiates on your behalf by keeping your best interests in mind.
  • It maintains relationships with the finest caterers, decorators, and transportation teams.
  • It suggests innovative ideas for unique events in one-of-a-kind celebrations.
  • It provides services of the highest quality in a cost effective manner.
  • It keeps everything itemized in one contract to simplify final payment. 

Swargo has the know-how to create for you:

  • Full Scale Incentive trips
  • Full-Service Transportation Logistics 
  • All-inclusive Insider Experiences
  • Tailored Dining Experiences
  • Team Building Exercises

Swargo loves the city and wants clients to walk away with a piece of it. Swargo is summed up in the words: Invest in your memories. 



Moments, although memorable, can be fleeting. Recording them with an artist’s eye through photograph and video prolongs the event. Feelings are associated with a photograph. There's no better way then visually to relive the moment.

A photogragh tells the story. Whether it is Swargo himself or one of Swargo’s seasoned photographers, to capture the event by showing the visible story from start to finish is primary. Events live on not only in memory but in a tangeble medium so others can experience for the first time. 

Still & Video Photography is available in affordable packages:

Event Photography
Company Headshots
Photobooths & Roving Photography
Photobooks & Gift Amenities

Relive some of our moments: 

Click here to see recent photography examples.